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My Side of the Mountain Book Study

My Side of the Mountain Book Study

Explore the World of "My Side of the Mountain" with Our Enriching Book Study!


Are you looking for an engaging and adaptable book unit study for your students aged 7 to 9? Look no further! Welcome to the Wild & Wonderful Enrichment's "My Side of the Mountain" Book Study.


Designed to cater to students with varying levels of reading and writing abilities, our six-week program is your key to unlocking the magic within Jean Craighead George's beloved book. Here's what you can expect:


**Lesson Structure:**

Each lesson is carefully organized into reading, writing, discussion, and activity segments, ensuring an all-encompassing exploration of "My Side of the Mountain."


**Reading:** Dive into the story by reading half of the assigned chapters in an immersive and interactive way.


**Writing:** Encourage literacy development through copy work, fostering students' writing skills while staying connected to the narrative.


**Discussion:** Promote critical thinking and comprehension with thoughtful discussions inspired by the book.


**Activity:** Engage your students with hands-on activities that bring the book to life, making learning a memorable adventure.


Between the read-aloud portions of the lesson, we've included more in-depth activities related to the book, ensuring a holistic learning experience.


**What's Inside:**

- 95 Total Pages

- Six lessons, structured for ease of use

- Hands-on activities with materials list and instructions

  • Creating a Simple Water Filter Out of a Water Bottle
  • Pressed Flower Craft: Air Dry Clay Flower Plaque
  • Shelters
  • Creating Salt Watercolor Art
  • Camouflage Painting
  • Animal Track Books
  • Fire Building Basics
  • STOP Acronym for Kids
  • Hunting Game "Sam and the Hunters”
  • Soap Carving

- Copywork exercises

- Venn Diagram activity

- Vocabulary posters and cards

- Chapter Summaries


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✨ Dive into "My Side of the Mountain" with us, fostering a love for reading and learning while accommodating different learning levels and preferences. We hope you and your students enjoy using this book study as much as our class did. Happy reading and exploring!

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