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A Christmas Carol Book Study

A Christmas Carol Book Study

Unit Study Snapshot: Enchanting Learning Adventure for Ages 6-9! ✨

Dive into an immersive homeschool enrichment experience with our meticulously crafted unit study, designed for a vibrant class of six students. This flexible four-day journey, extendable to eight days, blends lively reading sessions, dynamic vocabulary exploration, and hands-on activities tailored for diverse reading abilities.


Table of Contents: 40 pages

Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
Vocabulary Cards
Copy Work
Reader’s Theater


Lesson Structure: Structured to perfection, each lesson unfolds with a captivating blend of reading, writing, readers theater, and engaging activities. The first half revolves around a breezy 20-minute reading session, intertwined with copywork and watercolor expressions. The second half delves deeper into the narrative, read aloud, while students quietly engage in enriching activities related to the book.


Mornings of Creativity: Kickstarting each day with copywork, our young wordsmiths breathe life into the readings by translating them into creative sentences. Simple drawings accompany their literary creations, setting the stage for a day filled with imagination and expression. The spotlight then shifts to the enchanting world of reader's theater, offering flexible character assignments through name tags or puppets.


Afternoons of Exploration: As the sun continues its journey, afternoons bring a delightful vocabulary revisit and immersive readings. This is complemented by hands-on winter and Christmas activities, creating a harmonious blend of reading, vocabulary building, creativity, and interactive learning. It's an educational celebration tailored to each student's unique strengths and interests.

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