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Fire cider: Anyone can make it!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

When I first heard about fire cider I didn’t really know what to think. Who would take shots of apple cider vinegar? But then I realized I used to take shots of the cheapest vodka in college, Vladiva Vodka. We called it Vladi. It was awful. I hate to think of the damage I did to my body in my 20s and early 30s. Now at the age of 35, I’m doing my best to put good things in my body. I’ve given up alcohol. I am actually 3 years sober and its the best decision I could have made for my physical and mental health.

Now back to fire cider.

What is fire cider?

It’s a spicy tonic used to prevent/treat colds and boost your immune system.

Although many proclaim that the ingredients in it are associated with health benefits, there isn’t research to prove it. But everything in it has benefits for our bodies.

Some Ingredients:

Apple cider vinegar: potential antibacterial and antioxidant properties

Honey: antimicrobial and antibacterial effects

Ginger: remedy for pain and inflammation

Horseradish: boost immunity

Onion: reduces the risk of stomach and colorectal cancers, vitamin C, helps produce and maintain collagen levels

Garlic: helps with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease

Other ingredients I added to my fire cider include lemons, limes, turmeric, and oranges. A lot of people will also use herbs, but I didn’t add any.

I found that people also prepare their fire cider in a variety of ways. Some peel their ginger, some don’t. Some will use a mixer to mix everything together, some don’t. And no recipe is exactly the same.

It seems like if you just throw some good stuff in a jar and cover it in apple cider vinegar, leave it for 6 weeks, then you will end up with fire cider.

As far as side effects, since there isn’t evidence to support drinking fire cider has health benefits, there also aren’t any known risks associated with it. But if you’ve ever had a reaction to any of the ingredients before, you probably want to talk to your doctor first before taking it.

Here are some articles about fire cider:

Here's a video I made while making my last batch of Fire Cider.

If you're interested in some apparel with Fire Cider in mind, check out my listings.

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