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I’m Jodie Witmer, creator of J. Witmer Photography. I use J. Witmer for short when I’m selling apparel, designs & prints.


I’m the blessed woman that is bringing you the designs you see in this store.


I am a born and raised West Virginian. I married a Pennsylvania man and convinced him to move to good ol’ WV. My husband and I met in the West Virginia Air National Guard at the 167th Airlift Wing. We were both loadmasters on the C-5, fell in love and then I started looking for a different career path that didn’t involve flying around the world. My husband is still a loadmaster, but on a C-17 now.


Now I’m a stay-at-home mom with a homestead. When I say homestead, I mean I have a garden and a few chickens. We have goals to grow most of our own food and raise our kiddo to love God and appreciate what we have.


I love sharing the beauty of West Virginia. I didn’t realize how special a place it was until I started traveling.


My designs are inspired by the beauty of West Virginia and beauty God has created.


I appreciate that you are here and I hope that there is something that speaks to you like it did to me.


God Bless!

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